Applications Invited for Global Climbing Initiative Community Grant

Applications Invited for Global Climbing Initiative Community Grant

Organization: Global Climbing Initiative

Apply By: 29 Feb 2024

Grant Amount: 1000 USD

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About the Organization

The Global Climbing Initiative equips climbing communities worldwide with the knowledge and resources to thrive. Climbing is in a stage of unprecedented expansion, and it has massive potential to create positive economic, social, and environmental change. By developing best practices, increasing access to resources, investing in community leaders, and uniting climbing organizations, we are shaping a more globally empowered future for this sport.

About the Grant

Worldwide, climbing organizations depend on economic resources to invest in their crags and their communities. We are proud to announce the second round of our Community Grants program to power climbing communities’ visions for the growth of climbing around the world.

Our Environmental, Creative, and Social Impact Grants provide funding for a range of initiatives, from one-time events, trainings, and projects to ongoing programs that create sustainable change. We welcome applications from climbing organizations who share our vision of advancing global climbing and addressing inequities and systemic challenges in the climbing world. Our goal is to empower climbing communities to bring their unique ideas to life.

Environmental Grants: The Global Climbing Initiative’s Environmental Grants empower climbing communities’ visions for environmental stewardship around the world.

In our sport’s current phase of rapid growth, the global climbing community has an opportunity to support the sustainability of climbing areas through all stages of development. With an increased number of climbers comes heightened need for projects to ensure crag environments are preserved and protected into the future. We are proud to partner directly with local climbing organizations and promote responsible grassroots stewardship of our crags and wilderness.

GCI is announcing our spring round of grant solicitations in order to provide funding for environmental stewardship and conservation projects worldwide. Each climbing community exists in a unique context and environment, and we know that your communities have a firsthand understanding of your needs. Awardees of this cycle of GCI Environmental Grants will be given support and funding to address the unique environmental needs of your community in 2024.

Social Impact Grants: The Global Climbing Initiative’s Social Impact Grants empower climbing communities worldwide to create positive change through innovative social initiatives.

As the global climbing community rapidly grows and changes, we have an opportunity to support sustainable community development at all stages. With an eye towards increasing diverse voices in climbing and a growing need for inclusive projects, we believe that it is critical to work directly with local community groups to promote responsible grassroots solutions in our crags, backyards and beyond.


Each developing community faces unique challenges and opportunities, and we understand that you have firsthand knowledge of your community's needs. Therefore, the awardees of this cycle of GCI Social Impact Grants will receive support and funding to address the specific needs of their community in 2024.

Creative Grants: GCI's Creative Impact Grants inspire climbing communities worldwide to share their narratives through innovative projects in the arts.

Within our global community we recognize the power of storytelling in order to highlight powerful stories, uplift economies, and provide pathways of support to local artists. GCI’s Creative Grant aims to facilitate sustainable community development by supporting and spotlighting creative initiatives that amplify diverse voices in climbing.

We believe in the transformative potential of storytelling to bring about positive change, and to empower local groups to bring attention to the unique challenges and opportunities within their communities. We acknowledge that each community has its own distinct stories, struggles, and triumphs. Therefore, we are committed to working closely with grant recipients to ensure that the awarded funds contribute to addressing the specific needs of their community.

How to Apply

Our application is now open.

The application deadline is February 29, 2024 for projects taking place between April and September 2024.

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