RFP - Consultant for Drafting State Strategy and Action Plan to Address Violence Against Women and Girls (SSAP to Address VAWG)

RFP - Consultant for Drafting State Strategy and Action Plan to Address Violence Against Women and Girls (SSAP to Address VAWG)

Organization: Cecoedecon

Apply By: 11 Feb 2023

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About the Organization

The Centre for Community Economics and Development Consultants Society (CECOEDECON) is one of Rajasthan’s leading civil society organizations. It’s early footprints in the area of disaster relief have eventually progressed into imprinting its presence in more than 15 districts across the states of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The organization has evolved, from a needs-based approach to rights-based approach, into a civil society organization focusing on economic justice, livelihood security, basic rights, institution development and civil society building, underpinned by integrated participatory development.

The organization has worked since 1982 towards Promoting Inclusion, making Communities Resilient, Empowering Women, Children, Smallholder Farmers, Landless Youth and Tribals with gender sensitivity as cross-cutting through its innovative interventions in areas ranging from Natural Resource Management, Sustainable Livelihoods, Climate Change, Fair Trade, Disaster Management, Seed Sovereignty, Land Rights, Health, Nutrition, Education, Women and Child Rights and Human Rights.

About the Proposal

Gender and social norms shape women’s and girls’ voices, rights and decision-making power within their families and societies and expose them to harmful practices and violence. Gender based violence is one of the most egregious form of discrimination and violation of human rights. UNFPA in the State works in partnership with the Directorate of Women Empowerment to address issues related to gender based discrimination and violence against women and girls. Further, UNFPA is working with the Directorate through CECOEDECON, its implementing partner, in developing a comprehensive multi-sectoral State Strategy and Action Plan to address Violence against Women and Girls (SSAP to address VAWG).

The major objective of the SSAP will be to guide the key stakeholders (Departments, development partners, State Boards, Legislative services and others) on their specific and convergent role in taking time-bound initiatives and actions to prevent violence against women and girls as well as to strengthen the response and redressal mechanism for the girls and women affected with violence and harmful practices. In this context, an expert will be engaged through CECOEDECON to draft the SSAP.

Brief on the Rajasthan State Strategy and Action Plan (SSAP) to address VAWG: The SSAP will focus on addressing violence and harmful practices against girls and women especially the ones left furthest behind.

The SSAP will include the following:

  • Situational Analysis of Rajasthan in terms of VAWG
  • Efforts undertaken by Government to address VAWG
  • Contributing factors to VAWG
  • Vision, Objectives, Goal and Guiding Principal
  • Theory of change, Outputs, Strategies, Activities, Monitorable Indicators, Key responsibilities and timelines
  • Institutional Mechanism and Operational Guidelines
  • Partnerships and key stakeholders
  • Others as suggested

Assignment duration:

A total of 3 months. The detailed timeline is-

  • Submitting and finalizing the framework within 2 days of taking the consultancy.
  • Submitting the first draft within 30 days of taking the consultancy.
  • Incorporating the inputs in the draft as and when required
  • Developing the operational guidelines by the end of second month of consultancy.
  • Finalization of the draft SSAP by the end of third month.

Scope of Work:

  • Develop a framework in consultation with UNFPA and DWE for drafting the SSAP.
  • Develop the draft of the SSAP in consultation with UNFPA and DWE as per the framework.
  • Participate in meetings/workshops organized by UNFPA/CECOEDECON/DWE on SSAP. 1 meeting per week with UNFPA or DWE may be required to complete the assignment.
  • Incorporate series of feedback received from DWE and UNFPA in the draft SSAP.
  • Continuous coordination with UNFPA, DWE and CECOEDECON to finalize the draft of SSAP.
  • Develop a list of monitorable indicators and implementation guidelines for SSAP
  • Support in review of the Hindi translation of the SSAP (Note* the Hindi translation is not included in the scope of work but its review is included)


  • Draft SSAP including monitorable indicators after incorporating all the feedback received from DWE and UNFPA.
  • Operational guidelines of SSAP


  • Master’s degree in the field of gender studies, social science or other related area.
  • Atleast 5 years of relevant experience in research, programme development and documentation on gender equality and/or violence against women and girls.
  • Proven experience in drafting and development of policy level pieces on issues related to gender-based discrimination and violence against women and girls.
  • Experience working on ending violence against women is an advantage.
  • Fluency in English and Hindi.

How to Apply

Last Date for applying: 11th February’23

Job Email id:       cecojobs(at)gmail.com



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