RFP - Development of animated PPT and Video for E-Learning in MNH Care

RFP - Development of animated PPT and Video for E-Learning in MNH Care

Organization: Maternity India Foundation

Apply By: 18 May 2022

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About the Organization

Maternity India Foundation works as Section 8, Not for Profit Company having their Office in Delhi NCR. Maternity Foundation works across various states in close collaboration with national and state governments in the roll-out of The Safe Delivery App and other E-Learning Tool on MNH care.

About the Proposal

Maternity India Foundation, AaastarUrmika Health Systems, and Indian Nursing Council(INC) have agreed to create 5(Five) E-Learning modules on the MNH learning portal of INC.

Maternity India Foundation would like to invite applications from agencies that are experienced in content creation, animation, and animated videos. These animated videos would be developed in both English and Hindi language, and the script for the PPT & animation would be provided by MF, the expected time limit for one module is 30 to 45 min and it is expected from the agency to create animated PPT and videos based on that script, once developed these will then be hosted on the E-learning portal and shared for broader dissemination.

We plan to digitalise self-learning for Skilled Birth Attendants/Nurse-Midwives and for the pre-service or educational institute to learn more about the Maternal and New-born Health (MNH) guidelines and protocols.

 Our vision is to leverage the platform to add more content and hence provide Skilled Birth Attendants/ Nurse-Midwives/ Students with multi-platform experience to benefit from quality content.

Proposal Contents:

Proposals should include the vendor’s description of the work that would be performed along with the following information:

  • Contact information: i) name of the vendor; ii) postal address; iii) telephone/Fax; iv) email address
  • Copy of registration certificate, GST, PAN Card, etc.
  • The contact information of a representative of your firm with whom Maternity Foundation can contact daily
  • ITR or audited financial report for the last two financial years.
  • Brief note on the relevant experience of your firm along with clientele

Opening, Evaluation and Agreement:

  • Quotation may be opened by Maternity India Foundation at any time after the submission deadline.  All quotations satisfying the requirements of this RFP will be evaluated to establish which of the applicant(s) best fulfils the needs of the Maternity Foundation.
  • Maternity Foundation anticipates entering into an agreement with this/these applicant(s) to execute the proposed work.
  • This RFP does not commit Maternity Foundation to award a grant or to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a Proposal for the goods and/or services offered.
  • Maternity Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Proposals received because of this request, to negotiate with all qualified applicant(s) or to cancel this RFP, if it is in the best interests of Maternity Foundation to do so. The decision of the Maternity Foundation shall be final.
  • Only shortlisted vendor/s shall be contacted.
  • Selection will be based on evaluation criteria.

Scope of Work

  • Content of the PPT  would be shared by Maternity India Foundation in English after the Agreement
  • Adapt script in PPT and animated Videos and voice over in English and then in Hindi
  • Review of the PPT, Videos by MF and feedback
  • Rendering of the final PPT, Videos for the E-learning content


  • the timeline to finish all the modules is December 2022

Key Activities

  • Content creation in the form of PPT /Videos with Voice over
  • Revision and Approval of aligned, updated, and translated script of the E-learning module
  • Agreement on the final PPT and Videos
  • Rendering of the PPT and Videos as agreed

How to Apply

  • The Applications should be as per the following before the closing date:
  • Proposal must be submitted through mail on the above-mentioned emails duly filled, signed, and stamped by the authorised representative.
  • Maternity Foundation reserves the right to waive irregularities and to reject any or all bids.
  • Maternity Foundation also reserves the right to negotiate with the selected bidder if the price exceeds available funds.
  • Maternity Foundation may consider informal any Proposal not prepared and/or not submitted in accordance with the provisions hereof and may waive any informalities or reject any and all Proposals.  Any Proposal may be withdrawn prior to the above scheduled time for the opening of Proposals or authorized postponement thereof.
  • Responses to this Request for Proposals are required to be submitted On or before 17:00 hrs on May 18, 2022
  • Delay submitted the proposal shall be rejected only the Procurement committee will have to right to consider the specific situation.
  • Incomplete application forms are liable to be rejected. No further correspondence will be entertained from rejected applicants.



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