RFP - Facilitate workshop for stakeholders of Financial Guaranty Facility

RFP - Facilitate workshop for stakeholders of Financial Guaranty Facility

Organization: Heifer International

Apply By: 10 Oct 2022

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About the Organization

Heifer International (also known as Heifer Project International) is a global nonprofit working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development.

About the Proposal

In alignment with the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), Cargill Inc., in partnership with Ausvet, Heifer Project International (HPI), and the International Poultry Council (IPC), have created the Transformational Strategies for Farm Output Risk Mitigation (TRANSFORM) program which seeks to engage global market actors, from backyard and industrial farmers to their respective governments, in sustainably strengthening the animal-sourced-food system and enhancing global health security by preventing emerging zoonoses, transboundary animal diseases (TADs), and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in major animal agriculture value chains in India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Vietnam.

The program strategy takes a systems approach including policy, practices, and data utilization. The approach seeks to prevent threats by eliminating the environmental factors that enable them through economically advantageous biosecurity measures, nutrition, and health management. It will provide farmers and governments data to build, monitor, and maintain low-risk environments and to mitigate threats that breach safeguards. Further, it seeks to establish policies that ensure appropriate antimicrobial use and best practices.

TRANSFORM recognizes that smallholder farmers may need access to capital to invest in on-farm updates needed to adopt and sustain appropriate biosecurity measures, improved nutrition and better farm management practices disseminated through the program. TRANSFORM has done a feasibility study to assess the scale of the needed access to finance and the extent of barriers to the access to finance for smallholder farmers. This has helped in identifying an appropriate approach to engage with an innovative financing solution focussing on addressing this access to finance barrier for smallholder farmers and ensure that it avoid perpetuating or creating any social or gender inequities.

Geography: As outlined in the TRANSFORM Program Description, the innovative financing solution is planned for Kenya and India, as these are the geographies where there will be a focus on smallholder farmers. This ‘Terms of Reference’ is for the consultant firm to facilitate training workshops with key stakeholders of the selected financial vehicle in India.


The consultant firm will work directly under the supervision of Heifer Impact Capital and in alignment with USAID and the TRANSFORM Project Chief of Party to conduct the Trainings and Workshops and complete the deliverables outlined below, which include summarized findings and recommendations and strategic action plan for the project team. The workshops will include the specific Scope of Work listed below.

Scope of Work

The proposed solution to improve access to capital for the targeted project participants is to leverage an existing credit guarantee and provide technical assistance to the financial intermediaries and key value chain players to design loan products to meet small holder farmer’s biosecurity needs. The capital for financing is to be provided through the balance sheet of the financial intermediaries. The solution aims to encourage Financial Intermediaries to use the existing credit guarantees to provide loans to value chain players (borrowers) and support selected value chain players (cooperatives, FPCs) to access these loans and improve their capacity for on-lending to small holder farmers.

The targeted project participants are 27,000 smallholder poultry producers in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, India. The farmers are federated across five Farmer Producer Companies (FPC).

This ‘Scope of Work’ is for the consultant firm to facilitate trainings and workshops at three levels:

  • Works shops with the administrator of the guarantee
  • Trainings to the partner financial intermediary
  • Trainings to the borrowers (Farmer cooperatives and value chain players)

Expected Deliverables

  • The Consultant firm will bring relevant guests to the workshops and trainings in the process of facilitation
  • Reports to be submitted within one week post each workshop
  • Reports should contain discussion points, analysis of the field data and action plans

Education Qualification/Required Skills & Experience

  • Master’s degree or higher in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, or equivalent degree or experience
  • A minimum of ten years professional experience working in finance and investment, with some experience in agri-investment and livestock/poultry focussed financing preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of impact investments with a focus on emerging and frontier markets and financing of small holder farmers and farmer collectives
  • Experience with data analysis and research, with preference for experience with facilitating similar types of workshops
  • Creativity, strong organizational ability, capacity to deliver on time and be responsive to feedback
  • Demonstrated writing skills. Applicants are encouraged to provide written report sample(s) of facilitated workshops.
  • Excellent knowledge of written and oral communication in English and local language.

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