RFP for Consultant: Frontier Health Markets Global Technical Assistance

RFP for Consultant: Frontier Health Markets Global Technical Assistance

Organization: Results for Development (R4D)

Apply By: 24 Mar 2023

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About the Organization

Results for Development (R4D) is a leading non-profit global development partner. We collaborate with change agents around the world — government officials, civil society leaders and social innovators — to create strong systems that support healthy, educated people. We help our partners move from knowing their goal to knowing how to reach it. We combine global expertise in health, education and nutrition with analytic rigor, practical support for decision-making and implementation and access to peer problem-solving networks. Together with our partners, we build self-sustaining systems that serve everyone and deliver lasting results. Then we share what we learn so others can achieve results for development, too.

About the Proposal

R4D seeks a consultant to provide support our stewardship and rules and regulations activities. Activities, expected results and expected deliverables.

Activities -

Activity #1: Strengthen and support effective stewardship for engagement with the private sector (total 50 days)

Under FHM-Engage, we have defined stewardship as involving the use of “tools” or “instruments” that, individually and collectively, exert influence on the incentives, capacities, and accountability structures in each health market system. The following have been defined as key areas for FHM-Engage to support at the country level through a market facilitation approach:

Formulation of a strategic vision, priorities for the health system, or a specific health market system

  • Collection, analysis, and dissemination of information on the private sector as well as about health-related products and services to support consumers and providers
  • Regulation of the activities of ‘care-seekers’ and ‘care-providers’
  • Financing to support/shape the activities of ‘care-seekers’ and ‘care-providers’
  • Mobilization of market actors through the creation/maintenance of platforms for inclusive policy dialogue and programmatic action.

By September 2023, FHM Engage will prioritize and accelerate synthesis of existing knowledge, analyze and harness high impact stewardship practices. The objective is to facilitate the following outputs:

  • Develop a credible evidence base for understanding of market constraints for enhanced private sector participation to serve consumer segments. Specifically, FHM Engage will capture and synthesize broad recommendations to reorganize and redefine market actors’ roles as steward towards FP provisioning across methods in private sector[1]. This will be towards stepping up to meet the aspirations and needs of the young, women of reproductive age (WRA), and other target populations.
  • Based on above, FHM Engage will assist the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) to develop a segmented approach to catalyze private sector involvement. Specifically, FHM Engage envisions that MoHFW will improve multi ministry coordination and allocate resources and approvals for roll out in select geographies in FY 2024.

R4D is seeking a consultant who can support in achieving these goals. The consultant will be expected to complete the following:

  • Conduct consultative and root cause analysis workshops with
  • Direct players across value chain in core functions (4Ps): Select manufacturers, marketers, supply chain partners, formal (FOGSI/IMA/CDA) and traditional (AYUSH) nodal organizations
  • Indirect players across supporting functions: FP/women’s health alliances/coalitions, civil society, ARC/RHSC coalitions in AYSRH, skill building and technology partners, financing institutions, QA and accreditation institutions, academia, market intel/information/analytics organizations
  • Development partners: WHO, UNFPA, BMGF, CIFF, Packard
  • Market regulators: CDSCO, NPPA, IRDA
  • Create a report outlining the root causes of market constraints and draft recommendations for stewardship practices needed at country level based on key information, analysis and insights, the market development approach (MDA) landscape analysis and diagnosis phase
  • Engage and coordinate with local mission and MoHFW to coordinate development, create consensus for approach and partnerships for strategy and execution

Expected Deliverables -

  • Root cause analysis report inclusive of market constraints and draft recommendations
  • Documented approach and partnerships strategy

Activity #2: Improved institutional norms, rules and regulations, and organization of private sector to support market growth (total 25 days)

The objective is to initiate collaborations with market actors (incl. development partners and regulators) to support the market development interventions. The following outputs are illustrative and will be refined while completing the market description analysis:

  • Harmonized ANDA approvals, registration, and licensing
    • Advocate with an alliance platform that includes market actors.
    • Shared understanding of roles and responsibilities in roll out of new FP methods
      • Explore potential for a consensual impact framework
      • Identification of misaligned incentives and price regulations
      • This barrier has both crowded out private sector and prevented investments in demand. There is a potential opportunity to explore specific asks of commercial players to increase range of new products, reduce cost and improve quality of reach and services.

The tasks include:

  • Working with USAID AOR and India Mission team to identify the focus markets for rules and regulations work.
  • Develop an implementation plan based on Rules and Regs operational framework
  • By September 2023, FHM Engage will concurrently identify and prioritize:
  • Regulatory barriers for manufacturers, marketers, entrepreneurs/enterprises (laws, licenses and harmonization of schedules, taxes, and tariffs) which inhibit their participation for making FP products available for young populations
  • Policy guidelines (participation and formalization of new channels, technology, and providers), informal rules and social norms that are inhibitory to market entry of new FP products, new channels, and technologies to be integrated into design and delivery of expanded choice for all consumer segments
  • Informal rules (social norms and biases) that exacerbate consumer access to choose, agency and rights across FP information, products, and services.

Expected Deliverables -

  • Implementation plan based on the Norms, Rules, and Regulations Operational Framework
  • Interim report - an assessment of how they operate and impact the capacities, incentives, and opportunities of private providers in the relevant market systems, and report out from a co-working session on the discussion with the USAID India Mission and AOR team
  • Final report with shared understanding on roles and responsibilities on launch of new products, and country application of operational framework


Top applicants will possess the following skills and experience:

  • Minimum seven years’ experience in design, implementation, and management of customized support packages (grants, technical assistance, subcontracts) for family planning market actors
  • Advanced degree in Business, Finance, Economics, or relevant field; strong business acumen with MBA or equivalent work experience
  • Ability and experience engaging and coordinating with a wide range of stakeholders (USAID mission, global USAID, private sector service delivery partners including whole sales, retailers)
  • Strong technical writing and presentation skills, and ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences
  • Ability to develop financial models in Excel
  • Fluency in English both oral and written
  • Based in Delhi, India is highly desirable
  • Demonstrated leadership, versatility, and integrity

How to apply

To apply, please send all application materials (resume, cover letter, and requested daily rate of pay) to Maria Jose Pastor (mpastor@r4d.org) and Ahmad Sirat (asirat@r4d.org) by Friday March 24, 2023 at 17:00 to be considered.

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