RFQ for Development of Web Application and APP

RFQ for Development of Web Application and APP

Organization: American India Foundation

Apply By: 25 Sep 2023

AIFT Statement of Business

The American India Foundation Trust is registered as a public charitable trust in India. And is committed to catalyzing social and economic change in India and building a lasting bridge between the United States and India through high-impact interventions in education, livelihoods, public health, and leadership development. Working closely with local communities, AIF partners with NGOs to develop and test innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact.

Scope of work

American India Foundation Trust’s (AIF) flagship Program on public health, Support Adolescent Health, Education & Livelihood Initiative (SAHELI),to bring about an impact in health, education and livelihood of 8,000 adolescent girls (10-19yrs.) and 6500 boys in Pauri Garhwal (Yamkeshwar and Dugadda blocks) through an integrated program approach over 7(2+5) years through the following key strategies in the proposed SAHELI intervention: The program is scale able.

Improving sexual & reproductive health (SRH) and nutritional outcomes, creating an enabling environment for girls by promoting gender parity, In improving educational outcomes of students (Including remedial students) in grades 6-8, Improving English language proficiency in students of grades 6-8, Facilitating girls enrolment in higher educational institutions, Creating gender and career awareness, English for employability skills and future work force readiness in girls, Ensuring income enhancement opportunities for girls dropping out of school in grade-12/ pursuing distance learning education.

Building on the rapport that AIF currently shares with both the Government authorities and thecommunity in Pauri Garhwal (Yamkeshwar and Dugadda blocks),andtheexperienceofimplementing SAHELIatthegrass-rootlevel. We are sure that SAHELI will be able to provide a holistic solution which wouldsignificantly contribute to improve health, education and livelihood outcomes amongst the underprivileged.

The SAHELI implementationarea isthe rural, remote and backward region ofUttarakhand inPauri Garhwal district (Yamkeshwar and Dugadda blocks). Due to its poor healthcare, education and livelihood indicators Yamkeshwar and Dugadda blocks of Pauri Garhwal district have been chosen to focus on healthcare, education and livelihood particularly. SAHELI is being implemented in Yamkeshwar & Dugadda block of Pauri district in Uttarakhand.Mostofthe SAHELI project beneficiaries are adolescentgirls who do not have access to adolescent health education since most educational institutions do not teach aboutthe subject and girls do not discuss their adolescent problems at home due tosocial taboo. Even if it is discussed it is brushed under the carpet. a signif I can’tnumberofgirls are fromBPL category of the society with a poor socialbackgroundand are barely able to meet their ends. Attending the school is more of a ritual than a learn exercise. The infrastructure is not adequate and terrain is hilly. Absence of knowledge on proper health care, sexual and reproductive health (SRH), poor education system, lack of proper career guidance, skill development opportunities along with lack of employment opportunities is plaguing the masses. AIFthorough integrated approach addresses allthesefactors and with the help of SAHELI program is contributing towards health, education and livelihood challenges inthesegeographies ofUttarakhand.

SAHELI is a highly focused program to deliver all the three interventions on a selected set of adolescent girls at school and community level. Any adolescent girl registered under the program shall be tracked on health, education and livelihood parameters end to end. The journey of the AG under the program shall be tracked over a period of 5 years while AIF will conduct various inputs to bring about a change and desired outcomes and outputs. Lack of available monitoring and supervisory mechanism also intensify the challenge in these areas. To overcome these challenges SAHELI program intends to introducethe mobile software application which shall address all the above cited gaps and attempt to bringabouttransparencyandquickoutreach.Arobustandreal-timemonitoringandsupportivesupervision would be enabled with the mobile software so that all gaps in the program that arerelated to identification, registering, follow up and timely service delivery, home visits, supervision of health and education inputs shall bereduced.

With the mobile application software both the implementing agency and the Government will bebenefitted.Firsttherewouldbeevidence-baseddatawherethechancesofmissingthetargetgroupswill be reduced to a greater extent. Secondly, based on the entered field data, the target groups—Adolescents could receive the services as per thescheduleandmonitoringoftheservices wouldbe easier. The team will be able to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the inputs and track the journey of the AG.

For the implementing agency(AIF),registration softhe adolescents wouldbeeasy.   All the field and supervisory staff visits can be monitored centrally and the data canbe shared with the Government and other stakeholders. Also, it will be easy to monitor the multidimensional input output parameters. For the Government, there will be scope for tracking of the services to be givenright from registration of the adolescents. All identified cases needing interventions can be directly monitored by therespective SAHELI team, supervisors and other officials. Missing registrations from staff members including AHFs/SFs side due tolack of record maintenance and difficulty in reaching the terrains/hilly areas can becross checked with the data of the implementing agency online and take measures for filling of thegapsthus identified.

With this software AIF plans to reach all the 28 school and 500 plus villages in these 2 blocks. It has become imperative to strengthen evidence-based programming and advocacy for responding to Health,education and livelihood needs of adolescent girls.Use of digital data collection,monitoring and insight driven tools have never been more important to generate evidence as welldecideupon action points.

The technical proposal should cover at least below areas:

Applicant eligibility requirements:

The Bidder should be registered as a legal entity for doing business in India. In addition, it should have all kinds of active licenses and permission for work related Web Development and Digital Marketing.

The applicant must have demonstrated ability provide expert services in the area of Lab setup and refurbishment of school and it should have at least 2years of experience (Exempted for MSME or Start up) in proposed service area.

Technical Requirement:

The Bidder should provide information on overall qualifications, including:

●       Profile of organization/s

●       Services offered by the organization.

●       Profile of relevant experience, number of years in business and examples of related work.

Bid must be submitted in English language only and should contain:

  1. Technical Proposal
  2. Financial Bid

Mandatory enclosures in Technical Bid:

Please submit the following as enclosures or attachments with your proposal. If you do not submit these documents, your proposal will not be considered for review:

  • Copy of registration documents/certificate and most recent renewal as a legal entity.
  • License or permission, if any for doing business in computers.
  • Copy of Authorized dealership issued by the company.
  • PAN & TAN Copy
  • GST Registration copy
  • MSME Certificate(If any)
  • Copies of last two years ITR. (For Start Up- it may be excused)
  • Annexure A signed.
  • Signed copy of RFP in each page.

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