ToR - for Baseline Study -2023 Literacy Program-Bellary, Karnataka, JSW Foundation

ToR - for Baseline Study -2023 Literacy Program-Bellary, Karnataka, JSW Foundation

Organization: Room to Read

Apply By: 23 Mar 2023

Term of Reference for Baseline Study -2023

Literacy Program-Bellary, Karnataka, JSW Foundation

Overview of the Organization:

Room to Read’s Literacy Program in India is a school-based intervention that seeks to develop children’s reading skills and habit of reading in early primary grades to help them become life-long, independent readers. The Literacy Program includes three main components: (a) reading and writing instruction for children in Grades 1 and 2; (ii) establishment of child-friendly school libraries to provide children with access to reading materials; and (iii) the development of quality reading materials for children.  Establishing library and providing quality reading materials is the key component apart from others which influenced the reading habit and skills of children especially at the early grades.

In recent years Indian government has also emphasised on reading through various policy initiatives and programme - New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy (NIPUN). Under the revised guidelines of Library Grant and Promoting Reading in Schools by the Ministry of Education (MoE), the schools are provided with financial support to purchase of books and promote reading. The guidelines also recommend various capacity building initiatives to identify, source and procure child appropriate reading materials, reading activities etc in addition to the grant

About the Intervention:

The cluster library project in Bellary district of Karnataka started with the notion that all the students from Grade 1 to 5 in the 1457 schools of Bellary get exposed to an environment conducive for reading. This includes – availability of age and reading level appropriate quality reading materials, access to dedicated space, exposure to reading activities and a reading environment at home (availability of books & parents engaged in learning of the child). All the factors are complementary to each other and necessary to be implemented in tandem to achieve the desired result. The project aims to work with the institutions (schools, government, and community) in creating the reading environment for children. The district wide intervention proposed would work at all levels – District, Block, Cluster, Schools, and Parents/Community. While at district and block level activities will be mostly focused on strengthening their capacities on building accountability system, monitoring activities and keeping the focus on promotion of reading. At the cluster and school there will be more direct activities of provisioning of cluster libraries, reading corner, availability of books etc in addition to capacity building activities for implementation and monitoring. The engagement with parents will be promoted through involvement of teachers supported by availability of physical materials like worksheets and parent calendar. In addition, availability of checked out/borrowed books for children for reading at home would be ensured in the project

Goal: This project is a district wide system strengthening project in partnership with the government of Karnataka and JSW Foundation to promote reading habits among primary grade government school students in Bellary.

Outcome of the Project:

The following outcome level results and long-term measures of success are expected from the proposed project.

  • Increased student and teacher’s access to library resources
  • Increased student usage of library resources
  • Improved teacher’s capacity to ensure the library activities are well run
  • Improved Master Trainer and CRP’s capacity to ensure academic support and supervision to teachers
  • CRPs and teachers are equipped through blended mode to support parents to create a learning space at home.

Purpose of the Study : The project aims “To develop 'Habit of Reading’[1] for all primary grade’s children across the intervention schools over 3 years”. For this a baseline will be undertaken to understand primarily the reading habits of students in grade 3 and 5. The baseline study will be undertaken with children of grade 3 & 5 in year 2023 and endline with children in grade 3 & 5 in year 2025 with another cohort.  The study will focus on the following:

  • Disentangling the effects of library, reading activities, and reading materials on children in order to understand the effectiveness of educational intervention and to identify the key points for intervention.
  • Status of reading habit among students
  • Availability of enabling learning environment at home

The data and information collected during baseline study will help in the assessment of the outcome and impact level indicators of the project in the later year of intervention and to establish the efficacy of the project.  

 Time line:

The agency will propose a detailed timeline in its proposal and strictly adhere to the agreed schedule.  The proposed timeline for the study is April 2023-July 2023.

Agency Requirements

The agency that intends to participate in the bidding should have extensive (5-10 years) experience conducting quantitative and qualitative surveys with the children in education sector. The agency should be able to deploy qualified enumerators and facilitators to ensure quality of data collected.


Proposals are invited from the interested agency for the above assignment and the last date for receiving the proposal is 23rd March 2023 at procurement.india@roomtoread.org[do not copy anyone from RtR]


• Kindly submit two separate emails with following subject lines:

o EMAIL (1): TECHNICAL PROPOSAL - Baseline Study, Bellary, KN

o EMAIL (2): FINANCIAL PROPOSAL - Baseline Study, Bellary, KN

• The agency should apply with the following:


▪ A technical proposal which will outline the way this assignment will be approached.

▪ The proposal should mention the timeline for completing the deliverables. The technical

proposal should include an outline of content and your approach for all the abovementioned deliverables.

▪ Cite relevant work experience and give samples

▪ Detailed CV of all the consultants involved in this project


▪ Detailed financial proposal

▪ Copy of registration certificate, GST, PAN Card, etc.

• Read the ToR thoroughly before applying

• Pricing should include above requirements

• Only Shortlisted agency will be contacted and might be called for a face-to-face interaction with the panel.

• Any incomplete application or process deviation, the proposals will automatically be rejected

Proposal received after the prescribed deadline will not be considered.

  • The TDS will be applicable on the consultancy fee.
  • Selected Consultant/agency will be required to sign and abide by the Child Protection policy of Room to Read.

For queries, please contact:

Vivek Shrawat



To download the full ToR, click here

[1] Room to Read defines a habit of reading as reading that is done voluntarily and frequently. Children with a habit of reading will read inside and outside of school during assigned reading times and during their free time.




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