India Program Coordinator

Organization: IMAGO Global Grassroots

Apply By: 15 Jul 2020

Location: New Delhi(Delhi)


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is working with the Self-employed Women’s Association (SEWA) Bharat to help scale some of their social enterprises. As part of this collaboration, IMAGO is helping the SEWA project management team build a scale accelerator for SEWA’s owned Social Enterprises (SEs) in order to increase both their revenues as well as women’s empowerment. IMAGO will coach and support SEWA throughout the 4 years of the BMGF grant in the design and implementation of the accelerator. IMAGO will also be working directly with the BMGF in the systematic documentation and evaluation of this intervention. The evaluation piece will be done in collaboration with IDinsight. IMAGO is looking for a Project Coordinator to provide programmatic support in the effective management of the design, implementation and evaluation of the scale accelerator. Throughout the duration of the project she/he/they will work in close collaboration with IMAGO’s core team, SEWA’s management team, IDinsight’s evaluation team, and our counterpart in the BMGF to ensure the successful implementation of the project. She/he/they will be responsible for coordinating field work associated with the project, as well as implementing field research and activities associated with the project, including providing support to partners and SEWA during field testing and data collection, as well as implementing IMAGO methodologies for testing and iterating potential interventions with SEWA. 

General Responsibilities

The Project Coordinator is crucial in creating and maintaining focus, enthusiasm and momentum for all the stakeholders involved in this project. She/he/they will be responsible for the overall coherence and timely implementation of the work that IMAGO does with SEWA and IDinsight. She/he/they will oversee all aspects of the engagement on the ground, produce highquality reports, and drive all SEs to achieve their scaling goals. The Project Coordinator is expected to develop a diverse skill set, including establishing trusted advisor relationships with all stakeholders, and developing expertise in a broad range of econometric, data management and complex business development.  

The role will report directly to IMAGO’s India Program Lead and will include the following tasks:  

  • Ensure smooth and organized flow of information and execution of the BMGF-SEWA grant.
  • Support to the project lead on the planning and execution of IMAGO’s work program. This includes: 
    • Support the development of scale accelerator modules, case studies, presentations, and other materials.  
    • Preparation of workshop reports.
    • Implementation follow-up and milestone tracking.
    • Support in M&E design and implementation
    • Support the coordination between the Intervention and Evaluation teams.
  • Coordinate pipeline of project activities for the evaluation and testing of interventions on the ground.
  • Undertake day to day management of the project, including efficient use of resources.
  • Support the development of desk research to inform baseline and intervention design.
  • Support the development and implementation of the intervention design scrums, rapid testing and prototyping to find practical solutions to identified challenges within each SE.
  • SEWA’s capacity building - 
    • Support SEWA for the identification of local mentors
    • Train SEWA staff and Mentors on IMAGO's adaptive methodologies, including the Agile Learning Process, Human Centered Design and Lean Impact.
    • Build institutional capacity to support leadership of women collectives use these agile processes to address their main bottleneck challenges and improve their impact. 
    • Document findings and learning from on-the-ground experience.  
  • Engagement of internal and external experts, and construction of high-quality communication materials including policy briefs, technical reports, and presentation materials. 
  • Support on IMAGO’s knowledge production with the possibility of co-authoring.  
  • Providing support oin the implementation of other programs in India.
  • Help in the identification of potential partnerships as well as funding opportunities for IMAGO
  • Other administrative duties as assigned. 

This is a full-time staff position at IMAGO based in Delhi, India. With a 30 to 35% of travel requirement, mostly within India.  

How to apply

If interested, please send your CV and cover letter with the subject line "India Project Coordinator" to grao@imagogg.org.




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