Estimated Prescribed CSR of Big Companies in FY 2018-19

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Estimated Prescribed CSR of Big Companies in FY 2018-19

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At NGOBOX, we have been analyzing various trends in CSR among listed companies and private unlisted companies. It is worth noting that companies have become more serious about their CSR spend and the level of compliance is going up geometrically year after year. However, the real appreciation comes with the fact that companies are putting in efforts to make impacts through CSR projects, in line with the real spirit of the mandatory CSR. 

In this document, we are trying to look at estimated prescribed CSR of big 500 companies in the financial year 2018-19. The underlying caveat is that these estimates are based on profit before tax as reported by companies in their annual financial reports. The profit from units outside India needs to be adjusted to get the exact prescribed CSR of companies. The users are requested to use this data for own information and analysis purpose, not for any academic research or report. Or they may cross-check the same with companies’ websites. 

The Large 500 Companies

These big (large) 500 companies are taken based on:

  • The actual CSR spend in FY 2016-17
  • Listed companies either on BSE or NSE or both of the exchanges.
  • Minimum Prescribed CSR of INR 1 Cr in FY 2017-18
  • All companies together will spend above INR 11000 Cr on CSR projects


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