Call for Papers - International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Development, Innovation and Green Technology

Call for Papers - International Conference on Advances in Sustainable Development, Innovation and Green Technology

Organization Name: Assam down town University (AdtU)

Apply By: 30 Nov 2023

Location: Assam

Presentation Date: 19 Feb. 2024 - 21 Feb. 2024

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About the Organization

Assam down town University (AdtU) is one of the leading universities of North East India, offering its students an unique amalgamation of professional and academic excellence. AdtU has coupled the experience of top industry leaders and renowned academicians to foster among the students a worldly approach towards life and its challenges. Being the largest educational group in Assam, AdtU has more than 8000 students and over 250 faculty members. Set up on an 80-acre land, spread over the hills of Panikhaiti, Guwahati , the infrastructure of the university is considered state-of-the-art. Our area of excellence ranges from Sciences, Engineering, Allied health science, Management, Social sciences, Humanities and Nursing to Pharmacy. The unique, inspirational academic model is designed to match the international standards and continuously upgraded to keep pace with the overall development of the educational industry and in-line with the best practices followed in international universities. With students coming from various parts of India as well as from abroad, AdtU is fast growing into a centre of ethnical and cultural diversity. A continuous emphasis on modern teaching methods, global links for research, students exchange programs, world class infrastructure, assured placement, diversity of students and industry-institute interactions have consistently placed AdtU students well ahead in every field. This dedication to academic excellence has resulted in numerous accolades for the university. Today AdtU is one of the most preferred, highly recognized and top ranked university in North East states. Assam down town University (AdtU) started the Faculty of Engineering in 2010 keeping in view the local and regional needs that was long been felt in this part of the country. The idea was to promote and impart technical knowledge to numerous aspiring students who wanted to pursue technical education and get included in the technological force driving the country. Since then, the faculty of Engineering has evolved to meet this growing demand staying within the purview and guidelines of the regulatory and governing bodies of the Government of India. The Faculty of Engineering is offering three programmes, namely Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. Along with the students coming from different parts of India, the Faculty has students from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan and also countries as far as Nigeria. It has a pool of competent faculty with researching in specialized domains with internal exposures. With good research facilities, the Faculty of Engineering of Assam down town University promises to be one of the hubs of research in science and technology. The Faculty has tie ups with global academic and research institutes to provide the best in technical education to the students. Scholarships are also available for deserving students. The Faculty of Engineering has a good on campus placement record.

About the Conference

This conference targets to serve as a platform for voices from across the globe to converge, share insights, and chart a course for a sustainable tomorrow. Over the course of the next 3 days, we will delve deep into discussions, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and form connections through a series of enlightening keynotes, insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities that have the potential to change the trajectory of our world. This conference serves as a nexus for individuals from diverse backgrounds – from academicians, industrialists, environmentalists, researchers, and policymakers to students and business leaders. By bringing together such a diverse array of perspectives, we aim to generate holistic and impactful approaches that can address the multifaceted challenges posed by our changing world. The aim of ICAS-DIGT-2024 is to establish itself as a global forum where voices representing a multitude of nations and cultures can converge harmoniously. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the exchange of insights and the collective endeavor to chart a sustainable course for our shared future. Over the course of the upcoming three days, our focus will be on diving deep into meaningful discussions, fostering the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, and nurturing connections that possess the potential to reshape the trajectory of our planet. This conference has been meticulously curated to encompass a rich tapestry of activities designed to stimulate intellectual growth and innovative thinking. These include a series of illuminating keynote presentations that illuminate critical themes, thought-provoking panel discussions that bring together experts from various fields, interactive workshops that offer hands-on learning experiences, and networking opportunities that serve as conduits for the forging of collaborations and partnerships. Collectively, these elements hold the power to effect profound change in the way we perceive and address the challenges confronting our global community. Moreover, this conference functions as a nexus, drawing together individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. From erudite academicians to visionary industrialists, impassioned environmentalists, dedicated researchers, and astute policymakers, to the fresh perspectives of students and the innovative thinking of business leaders, this event is set to attract a rich tapestry of viewpoints. By fostering this unique convergence, we aspire to cultivate holistic and high-impact approaches capable of addressing the intricate and multifaceted challenges that our ever-evolving world presents. In essence, this conference embodies the collective aspiration to transcend boundaries, foster understanding, and catalyze positive change. Through the harmonization of global voices, the exchange of transformative ideas, and the formation of lasting connections, we are poised to navigate the complex terrain of our changing world and work towards a more sustainable and promising future for all.

How to Apply

Deadline: 30th November 2023

Contact Email:  icas2024@gamil. com

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